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Found in 2006, provides all information about foreclosure, property listings, moving, real estate legal, construction.

Real estate guide for real estate agents as well individual customers featured in real estate directory are provided by some of the top names in the industry. was created to meet the needs of the real estate consumers and real estate professionals. Save time and frustration from the usual web search. We surfed the net so you don't have to, and compiled the most comprehensive and well organized real estate portal directory on the web.

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Real estate Facts:

- 72% of the major US metro areas had an increase in foreclosures in 2010 over 2009.

- 8 million Americans are at least one month behind. We know that when an owner is just ONE PAYMENT behind the probability of default skyrockets. Today’s one missed payment (30 day late) is tomorrows foreclosures (or short sale).

- F- 5 million are at least 2 months behind.

- This year, 2011 an estimated 20,000,000 will be underwater, that's 40% of all owners with a mortgage. The hardest hit areas of the country have simply stunning rates of negative equity: 67% in NV, 49% in AZ, 46% in Florida. 4 million US Homeowners are underwater by more than 50 percent.

- New ghost towns are forming, Dayton Ohio 18.9% are vacant, Las Vegas whole towers of condos are simply empty.

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